Back when this thing broke out in mid-March and governments all over the country started slamming doors shut, the media were scaring me with their pronouncements of doom and gloom, so I did what any reasonable data guy would do – I gathered my data and started charting my own graphs. It was a few weeks before I had enough data to start making any kind of meaningful charts, but once I did, I started to see reasons for hope. So I started making it my personal mission to come up with some easy stats to track what’s going on in the country and fill in the stuff the news isn’t telling you. All they’re giving, from what I have seen, is the total case count. That has only one place to go – upward. It will never go down. So here you will get graphs and charts that can go up or down.

Above, this is the June 21st chart of new cases (blue), along with a daily 7- and 14-day average (mean of each day’s cases, plus the previous 6 and 13 days). These serve to smooth out the bumps and give us a better idea of the longer-term trends.

This is a graph of the sum of the previous 2 weeks of new cases to give us an idea of where we might be going in the next two weeks. As you can see, we were dropping through May 24th, but since then, the line has been creeping upward. While we’re not at the April highs yet, things are not moving the correct direction.

So my aim is try to drop my daily charts and commentary here that I have been publishing to this point on Facebook and for the last week or so dropping on LinkedIn.

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